When I Stood Up for Myself Essay

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“Hey sheep, it’s my notebook. Fill it before coming to school tomorrow or all your belongings will vanish without a trace!” That mentioned herbivore was no other than me, and the one who just threatened me named Chi, the tyrant. And clearly from this threat, I was bullied. Yes, I, the confident and courageous one as others often regard, was bullied.
6th grade, new girl, it was a whole new start for me as I just moved from another place. I tried to be cool and friendly with all. I tried my very best in the class and followed all the rules. My grades were impressive, and I was popular among my teachers and friends, except for …Chi. Twice as big as others, and rude, Chi declared herself the “tyrant”. And I was her victim. She called me
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Are you kidding me? Everybody, listen. Our little sheep is challenging me in my very own realm.” Everybody in class stared at me. “Alright” she half smiled “As you wish. If you can score one point, even one, I will never touch even your finger tip. You have two weeks.” Afterwards, Chi stood up, turned aroud and walked away with the same disgusting laughter.
I was still sitting there, and still being still. It was not because I had never thought of “basketball fight”, but because unlike Chi, I was not really a “sport” girl. While she was a basketball star, and the leader of grade 6-7 team, my gymnastics result after my all effort was, in fact, just enough to pass. Not to mention, my height and size caused me a big disadvantage to play sports. “It’s no use crying over spilt milk now.” I thought. “What I have to do is to master my basketball skills in two weeks, just enough to win Chi.” So in that 2 weeks, what I stayed in my mind was only basketball. I tried to finish my homework before coming home, which I did during my lunch, so that I could have more time to practice basketball. I practiced basketball for almost 5 hours everyday. I played until both my hands and feet were moving apart. I watched the basketball match online and tried to learn the techniques the players used to trick their rivals. I took neat notes of them and attempted to apply them all in my practice.
And the “big day” came.
Two weeks seemed like only a blink. We stood against each other and
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