When I Think Of Who Inspired Me? , I Believe There Are

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When I think of who inspired me? , I believe there are a lot of things and people that come to mind. These include life events or people or something I just learned from watching someone doing inspired me and taught me a lot. According to George Ambler, encounters shape the pioneers as they trip through the life. Once one has experienced the occasions and enthusiastic states that characterize every entry, one sees themselves differently. These sections are candidly and subjectively serious. Thus one 's feeling of self-changes essentially. One 's ability to do things, place on the planet and even one 's own identity all make a shift. The energy of encounters to shape a pioneer 's outlook and point of view is colossal, in certainty…show more content…
The one I worked with was easy going as opposed to the thoughts I had before joining. It followed hierarchy strictly. However, I also learned that it depends on the head of the organization the way he/she wants their staff to communicate and relate to work and each other. I strongly felt the dire need of motivating staff is needed. The reason has I conducted a study as to why the company has not been able to expand internationally. I conducted series of interviews which included both the heads of the various departments and the employees. I learned that heads wanted to do the things in the old way, while employees were not very productive and innovative. As a leader, I would want my employees to be looking forward to something new and in which they can achieve their own goals. I would want the employees to be connected to the organization in a way that they themselves come up with new ideas and are not afraid to share, which I felt was lacking in my organization. Another thing is that a person needs to be adaptive to the environment. It makes sure that there are less gap reality and values beyond survival. Human beings because of the adaptive process have been blessing with the ability to learn(leadership without easy answers (Heifetz, n.d.). This learning helps oneself in motivating and taking the organization beyond. People who are able to adapt in time are the only ones who can survive the future complexities. As they are able to predict in advance

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