When I Was A Kid Growing Up From A Western Capitalistic Society

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When I was younger, I was infamous. My teachers and peers characterized me as manipulative, and indeed I had a powerful ability to exploit those around me in order to get what I want. Over the years I have been less inclined to use this ability to persuade others. Through a series of learning experiences, I have found that manipulating people never yields positive results. As a child, each time I used this influence for my own benefit, I would be reprimanded in some form and therefore learned that this behavior was not socially acceptable. In particular, one incident stands out among the rest as a socializing moment, as it introduced me to socially acceptable behaviors and taught me to follow these norms. As a kid growing up in a western capitalistic society, trends were a crucial part of my childhood. It was important to have the latest material fad, whether it was a toy or a specific brand of clothing to wear. I followed these trends with a religious fervor, pleading my mother to buy me sought-after products such as clothes with the Abercrombie and Fitch logo, smencils and Tamagotchi toys. As I became older, I became increasingly cognizant of the power that these fads had over our student body. Those who did not participate in these specific trends were ostracized by our peers, and were arbitrarily branded as ‘losers’ and ‘outcasts’ for the duration of that particular trend. I recognized that the distinction between ‘cool clothes’ and ‘lame clothes’ was rather…

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