When I Was Little And In Elementary School, I Had A Rational

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When I was little and in elementary school, I had a rational temperament (kiersey’s temperaments). Nothing made sense at home so I was determined to understand and thrive in my academics. Life became a black or white –right or wrong- type of environment. I needed proof for everything. I was a very logical type of girl. I desired to learn more and more about the world, about what abuse was. Everyone told me if you have knowledge you can go anywhere, and that is what made me future orientated. All I wanted was to escape. I thought my pathways was… learn school high marks  freedom. But sadly life isn’t that easy. Now in present day, I am 2 types of temperaments (according to kiersey’s temperaments). I am a guardian as well as an idealist.…show more content…
This is so because as soon as I arrived at Tyndale I felt something I never did before... safety, that I have a voice, and that whatever I say is heard and listened to. As soon as I found that out and made friends with those I hold dear to me as of now, I thought to myself “hmmm.. I have a voice here, maybe I should use it and help others and show school spirit by getting involved in school groups and events, maybe now since no one knows me I can start a fresh start and be a whole new me” and so it happened. I am and always was an individual that needed emptional stability. I would always have anxiety but at that time I would call it panic attacks as well as throughout highschool and now I have a higher tendency towards anger and hostility. I have been working to control those so now I do not show my anger out in public but I have some stress relievers that I can do when I get into such state that are healthy, such as taking a long walk by myself, or playing with my bunny twix and talk to him as if he was my counselor (im pretty sure he understands me because anytime I get depressive or talk negativily about myself he would always bite me or scratch me), or listen to music or if I have the chance to I would go to the veterinary hospital I volunteer at and spend the rest of my day there focused on something that is my passion as well as positivity. Another lesson I learned in person
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