When I was Brave

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Everyone has done something that they feel is brave. For some people is might be picking up a spider because your friend is allergic to them, other people might find it to be brave if you tell your teacher that you cheated on a test. Bravery comes in many ways but is still the same thing. Bravery is not when you are fearless but it is when you have to guts and mental strength to overcome those fears. However bravery should not be confused with an absence of common sense. Bravery is when you might have to jump of a cliff with no parachute to save someone. However jumping of a cliff with no safety equipment for fun shows a lack of common sense. Bravery is not to ignore fear but to crush it, and this essay is a story of how I conquered mine. This event had occurred about three and a half years ago when I had just joined Boy-Scouts. I was just ten years old and I was in the middle of my fifth grade summer vacation. At that time I had gone a campout or a day-hike almost every week. We had to many locations such as Mission Peak, Mount Diablo, Yosemite National park, Pinnacles, and many other beautiful campsites. But, one time we had gone to a new place for a small backpacking hike and to camp over the night. I was very excited and had packed carefully for the spring weather. When the day had finally come I had eagerly gone to the Mission Valley School, and from there we drove to the campsite. Unfortunately the parking lot was full so it was blocked. Because of the block we had to
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