When Is Abortion Morally Appropriate?

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When, if ever, is Abortion Morally Appropriate? ONE: Introduction Abortion is one of the most contentious, controversial subjects in society today. There are strong arguments on both sides. The pro-life side of the issue is against abortion and many within that group are opposed to abortion even in the event that the woman in question has been raped and the so-called pro-choice position on the issue insists it is up to the woman do either keep the baby of opt for an abortion. When is an abortion morally acceptable or is abortion in any circumstances morally okay? This paper takes the position that there are instances when abortion is morally appropriate and the specific points that back up that assertion will be presented. TWO: Argument One: If a woman finds herself in a situation in which she faces that fact that she has been sexually assaulted, it is then morally obligatory for her survival to make a correction for her untimely situation. Two. In the majority of abortion cases, when a woman becomes pregnant because she was assaulted, and hence is entering the sphere of motherhood, she has the moral right to decide whether or not to give birth to that child. Three: Therefore, in most cases when a woman has been assaulted and must make a choice between having the child and terminating the pregnancy, it is morally acceptable for her to choose abortion. THREE: Explanation The first premise is perfectly logical and reasonable and transcends any argument to the
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