When Is Animal Cloning Wrong

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Six deaths have to be made before perfection. Cloning dead or alive animals is wrong. Death is not something people should be messing with. Death happens for a reason. When an animal is cloned it won’t come out the same as your old dog. It may have birth defects, its behavior will be different, and plus it’s very expensive to do. It takes multiple puppies to get the cloning process correct. Which is usually around 5-6 puppies. (Lewis 22) Some puppies are born with thick muscles in their necks which renders them from breathing. That means they slowly suffocate. The same goes for birds. When some birds are cloned they lose their instincts for things such as nest building, or getting food, or staying away from certain animals. (Lewis 22) The animal won’t live as long either. (Lewis 23) According to “Would you clone your dog” Sandra and Ralph past owner of a bull named…show more content…
BioArts charged $150,000 for a cloned dog, but a company called RNL can do it for a minimum of $30,000. This is a problem because with dogs being cloned animal shelters are overflowing. People should be spending their money on animals in shelters and giving them a life that they never had instead of giving your dog a second one. There is some advantages to having the ability to clone animals. For dog owners they would get their dog back. The dog would also get a second chance. People also think that it's a good way to honor your dog's death.(Lewis 23) If you can’t afford cloning your animal some people stuff them like a teddy bear. Another plus to cloning animals is that the military can get dogs that will have the training built into them.
Cloning any animal let alone a dog is wrong. Humans shouldn’t be playing god. There is something I do agree with about would be cloning extinct animals. We shouldn't bring back dinosaurs though. If you have seen Jurassic park then you know it's not good
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