When Is Animal Testing Wrong

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Every year, ten to one hundred million animals are tested on. Rats and mice were two-thirds of that total. In addition to that there are one hundred and eighty thousand dogs, fifty five thousand cats, five hundred thousand rabbits, a similar number of guinea pigs, and sixty thousand primates. With these numbers why still test on animals? Animal testing needs to stop. It is wrong. These animals are dying from neglect and harsh conditions. Animal testing is not even one hundred percent accurate! People have talked about the pain and the conditions they had lived in during the breeding experiments during World War Two. Again, why is animal testing still a thing?

In just one case of animal testing over 30 primates are dead. The primates
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However, people can. During World War Two Nazi physician Josef Mengele did experiments on twins. These twins were interviewed and talked about what they endured. “Giving blood and submitting to X-rays and injections were daily options to death, even though most, if the twins would eventually die painful deaths.” These people can talk about what it was like to be poked, prodded, and used. They felt shame that they had survived “not because they were strong, but because they were all freaks of nature” One survivor said that after all these years he cannot reconcile his experiences. Animals are in the same predicament except, they can't tell us their pain or talk about what happens. These people were in the same place as the animals. If we won't do it to people why are we doing it to animals?

In conclusion, animal testing is wrong and it needs to stop. These animals are dying from things that can easily be avoided. The animals that are tested on don't always bring accurate results. People have talked about their experience with being tested on, yet we continue to use animals. These animals are innocent and most of them only know life I'm the testing facility. That is no way the
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