When Is Being Plugged In Too Much Essay

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The people of the world are plugged into the internet at all aspect, and changing the way they think. However, when is being plugged in too much? Is it safe to say that, the cellphone, tablets, and the computer is killing the modern society or today's family? The children of today’s youth, have cell phones, that can have no restrictions on the device. Is the internet taking over and changing the way we think and act towards other people? The people today are videotaping violence rather than helping someone. People find themselves constantly using Apps on devices and ignoring other people by sending a caller to voicemail on purpose. By sending text messages instead of holding conversations, the human interaction is fading away. By doing this,…show more content…
I used to be on my phone constantly texting, playing games and not paying attention to my partner. I would ignore the telltale signs of the psychological damage. When she would ask me, or try to talk to me, I would not answer. I was so wrapped up in my cell phone. I would browse all day long on the internet looking at Instagram and Snapchat, talking to other people. Spending my time and energy on the web when I should have spent it invested in her. To add insult to injury, I did this well she was expecting with my…show more content…
I have, I put my phone down when I am with my girlfriend. This was not easy to do with so many distractions on my phone. But I have decided to change my eyes from my iPhone to looking at her and listening. Our relationship has strengthened, and the accusation she placed on me have stopped. When I am around my family, I stop checking my phone. My father is 60 years old. He is not deathly old, but I want to spend every moment that I have with him. My dad has noticed a change; He appreciates the time and effort of what I am changing. Unsickling myself from the internet to show my father that I care about what he says and has my undivided
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