When Is It Ok For Companies Use Personal Data?

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When is it Ok for companies to use personal data? Introduction For the past few years, new information technologies have increased the possibility for companies to collect, store, analyze, share and use personal information. These activities have had many positive effects on the economy in general and certain advantages for consumers, including more customization and better targeting of commercial proposals. However, adverse effects due to the knowledge of these data have also been updated, including one related to the privacy invasion. The variety of responses that the subject arouses has led researchers, individuals and companies to wonder what is the respect of private life to generate such a strong opposition and also contrasting…show more content…
Holding face-to-face interviews minimize this challenge because a “trust relationship” is established with the researcher, prompting the interviewee to release and reveal more about their opinion. Furthermore, this technique allows to better understand the cause of their reactions, which was one of my goals. It also offers the advantage of promoting the validity of the data produced, to the extent that the answers are spontaneously generated by the interviewee and are therefore more likely to reflect what he or she thinks. To increase the reliability of the work, I was also committed to conducting interviews respecting the basic rules in this area (re-phrasing questions, sounding empathic and etc.). The protocol prepared for these interviews were composed of three parts. First there combined inaugural questions to establish a good relationship with the respondent and make them feel comfortable. Secondly, there was the main part that touched the topic itself; where participants were asked about situations where they had to share personal information, what feeling they had toward companies and the government collecting, sharing or using their personal information and the level of trust they attribute to these entities when it comes to the protection of their personal information. The last part was just a closure of the interview where the respondent was given the opportunity to share his thoughts on anything else he or she believe was necessary to take
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