When Is The Last Time You Fought With Someone For Hours

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When is the last time you fought with someone for hours and still did not get your way? You may have begged your teacher to let you hand in an assignment late, or tried to convince your parents to extend your curfew. You may have been disappointed when you failed to succeed in this, most likely because the lack of proper argumentation technique. Argumentation takes place all around the world in messages designed to influence other beliefs and behaviors. A rational argument adapts to the audience in an ethical manner, fulfills the requirements of presumption and burden of proof and effectively supports the claims while avoiding common fallacies.
Audience analysis is one of the most important aspects of creating a respectable argument. Since
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The audience plays a crucial part here, as they are active participants. It is important that all participants be knowledgeable, open minded, and respectful. Lastly, the logical perspective relies on the audience’s knowledge of logical patterns such as a cause- effect reasoning. The audience in this case, acts as disinterested and is more of a third-party judge (Rybacki 10). Regardless of perspective, the argumentation for the intended audience must abide by certain ethical standards.
Argumentation is based around the conscious choices of what to say to influence the audience. “Advocates have an ethical responsibility not to deceive their audiences or other arguers by using obscure or ambiguous language, confusing patterns of organization, or ideas encumbered by nonessential information or ideas” (Rybacki 16). With this said, choosing clear and concrete language in an organized structure gives the arguer assurance that their message was not misinterpreted. Honesty is also extremely important in a successful argument, and the arguer should know their topic thoroughly to avoid false information. Moreover, stating the opposing viewpoints allows for a more effective and ethical discussion. Efficiency as an ethical standard gives the advocate the obligation to develop arguments that have the necessary rational power to make their point (Rybacki 17). Karyn
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