When Is Therapist Self Disclosure Essay

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Essay 1: When is therapist self-disclosure “okay” in group counseling? How would it be used? Elaborate. I believe that this is a very tricky topic because you are not disclosing to one person, but many. The dynamics of one small disclosure can work, but other times it can cause problems within the group. I think that disclosure can be beneficial, but only at the right time. The most important part is being aware of the possibilities and being willing to take on the consequence that can occur because of it. It can backfire and without proper preparation you should not be disclosing. Finding the right balance and timing is most important to me. As a counselor, you should not be disclosing when it is not beneficial for your clients. When it is appropriate and helpful is the only time you should be using this technique. Self-disclosure can be used to produce insights to the clients own behaviors and life. I remember hearing that one of the most helpful things in counseling is when the therapist shares their own story with the client. It can make the client see that we are all human, make similar mistakes, and can all relate/connect to each other. I believe today it is more acceptable to share personal information with clients than ever before. Also, sometimes counselors do not plan self-disclosure in advance it is more of on the spot if you get the feelings to do so. It is more a spontaneous technique that can lead to further self-examination for the client. It can also be
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