When It Comes To Adapting An Existing Story, We Must First

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When it comes to adapting an existing story, we must first look at what literary adaptation is. Literary adaptation, is the adapting of a storybook source, such as a novel, short story or poem, to another genre or medium such as a film, stage play, or video game. It can also involve adapting the same literary work in the same genre or medium, just for different purposes. For instance, maybe to work with a smaller cast, in a smaller setting, or even for a different demographic group, such as adjusting a story for children. This can also be appealing because it clearly works as a story and already has interesting characters, who are loved and known by many, and can be altered to fit culture, atmosphere, or complex issues. This is…show more content…
I would have to say that the theme of overcoming one’s emotions and internal struggle to do what is right seems to be prevalent in both Molora, Antigona Furiosa and the Odyssey. Antigone wanted to do what was morally right for her brother though the law forbids it. She had to fight through her emotions and stand up for what she believed. Just as in Molora, both Elektra and Orestes had to overcome their emotions and realize that vengeance was not the way. Odysseus cannot make it home and finds himself in situation after situation just as Elektra and Antigone does. The “hero” in each of these stories is brought to misfortune, yet all three overcome obstacles, whether it be emotional or physical, and in the end prevail for the good. In another aspect, it also seems that the theme speaks to the audience and says that there is a choice in any circumstance. That compassion and mercy is always the right choice over violence and retaliation. One chooses to overcome the hurt and pain or focus on it. All of these stories have that similarity. The differences in these stories are that of culture and demographical regions. This not only tells us that people around the world are going through the same struggles, but it happens in all cultures of life and in all eras of life. Damrosch even states “One of the
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