When It Comes To Hiring Your Staff, No Matter What Business

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When it comes to hiring your staff, no matter what business you may be in, there are certain aspects and character traits that every employer looks for. Knowing what these character traits are, versus what traits might not be so essential or desired, can help you determine just what employees are perfect for your business. The Benefits of Intelligent Workers Intelligence is always a plus when it comes to hiring employees. Having a full staff that knows what they are doing, what is required of them to complete the job, and that possess a wide range of varied skills at which they are proficient is always a bonus. There comes a time however when smarts are not all that you need to build a great workforce. According to a 2011 survey, 71% of…show more content…
Imagine that you are working on a tight deadline and you have to choose a team of employees to complete the tasks at hand. You have six employees to choose from and you need a team of three. You have three employees that have gone to an Ivy League college who had the best test scores, and they have incredibly high IQs, who also, however, tend to slack on projects. You also have three employees that went to lesser known colleges but still hold a degree, however, they are far more dedicated and impassioned about what they do. They are hard workers, never miss a day of work, and dedicate themselves to each and every project that they start. It is likely that you are an employer are going to choose the reliable workers to meet the tight deadline because you can rely on them to complete the tasks within the time frame that you have assigned. Which Trait is More Important? Reliability vs Intelligence While both are traits that are highly desirable in a worker, the vast majority of employers are going to choose a reliable worker that never lets them down as opposed to a smarter worker that might slack now and again no matter how smart they are. Dependable workers are productive workers and those that go above and beyond to complete tasks, work to be reliable, and work to improve each and every day are going to be far more valuable than those that rely on their smarts alone. Reliability is a trait that every employer loves and
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