When It Comes To Power, There Are A Lot Of Ways To Produce

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When it comes to power, there are a lot of ways to produce it. Inventors are constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to create power. Unfortunately, scientists found a powerful new way to create energy but not intentionally for electrical fuel. In 1945, J. Robert Oppenheimer was part of the team that created the very first atomic bomb made from Plutonium. The first nuclear power plant was not created until 1954. Despite incidents such as Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island accident, and the SL-1 accident, the government claims that nuclear power plants cannot possibly have a core meltdown. For years, groups of scientists, doctors, and nuclear specialists have been trying to combat the growth and use of nuclear power plants…show more content…
Once weapons of such power have been introduced, it is impossible to be completely sure that there are absolutely no nuclear weapons being built in preparation for an attack by a radical group. Therefore, countries adopted nuclear power reactors in order to allow nuclear production in secret to put the citizens of the world at ease. Regardless of their purpose, buildings with such dangerous material should not be used because people who cannot control their situation get exposed against their will. When it comes to radiation, there is not a safe level of exposure. Dr. Ira Helfand (2012) includes part of a report from National Research Council BEIR VII that reads, “Any exposure, including exposure to naturally occurring background radiation, creates an increased risk of cancer,” (Helfand, 2012. Para. 2). There is no escaping radiation as there is always a naturally occurring level of radiation but there is a way to limit how much radiation that people are exposed to. Radiation adds up quickly and the adverse effects from it are horrendous. Dr. Ira Helfand explains his concern for nuclear energy though his text, “If one person receives 1 rem of exposure... If the whole US population is exposed to that dose, there will be 300,000 cases of cancer...the cumulative impact on the whole community may be very significant,” (Helfand, 2012. Para. 3). With the dangerous effects of radiation being so widely spread, why
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