When It Comes To The Organization Of The Group, I Think

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When it comes to the organization of the group, I think the screening is important. I believe a group of girls only would be better as the PTSD is linked to a past sexual trauma and intimate relationship. This will avoid any type of issues linked to gender differences such as triggering certain behaviors or memories and will help the group stay focus. This group is intended for teenagers, so the age and stage of development will be part of the criteria. As they are rapidly growing and changing, we need to work on a maturity level that is consistent. The motivation to be part of the program needs to be assessed. I would consider a closed group because it helps create a sense of trust and stability and allow the group to go deeper in its…show more content…
PTSD can bring another challenge: dissociation. Clients who dissociate will not benefit from the group as much so they need to be carefully monitored. Finally, the leader will have to take into consideration that teenagers have naturally a lot of energy and that he will have to work with it and adapt his group to that element. Regarding the ethics considerations, it is important to address confidentiality within the group and explain how and why the confidentiality is important. In setting rules, the leader can talk about the beneficence goal of the group but also set rules in order to protect clients from maleficence from other members. The leader needs to keep in mind the autonomy of the client. Even though they have not reach their majority, they need to work in autonomy to achieve their personal goal. Confidentiality needs to be addressed with parents and the teenager in order to find an agreement that allows work to happen and respect for both parties. The trauma needs to be addressed in individual sessions where imaginal exposure to the trauma can help decrease the PTSD symptoms and help in the process of acknowledging the event in a non-judgmental way. This exposure to the trauma will help with the dissociative symptoms as well. Regarding the outline of group sessions, I would follow the regular four stages of DBT; mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotion regulation. During the
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