When It 's All Too Much Too By Barry Schwartz

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Americans have an increasing variety of choices to make during everyday life. Although this abundance of choice appears to be liberating, it is actually overwhelming and creates a high amount of stress and pressure on Americans. The abundance of choices combined with the unavailability of resources to sustain these choices creates a large deficit of happiness in American society. The essay “When it’s all too much” by Barry Schwartz brings fourth the idea of an overabundance of choices in America leading to widespread unhappiness. “Date Line Delhi” by Barbra Ehrenreich entails on how the outsourcing of American jobs, both intellectual and menial, is affecting American society negatively. The third essay, “Mismeasuring Poverty” goes into how the government skews the “poverty line” in order to make it appear it has been consistent over time, when in reality it has increased significantly in the past few decades. The overabundance of choices available to people in modern day America combined with a lack of resources to aid in sustaining this amount of choice, creates an escalation in the decrease of quality of life in America and the overall downfall of the “American dream”.
Having a plethora of choice may appear to promote the freedom of individuals, but when the quantity of choices a person is required to make becomes overloaded, the pressure builds and that “sense of freedom” becomes a sense of entrapment. There are so many choices available that there are going to be both
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