When Joseph Stalin Took Over Russia After Lenin By 1928,

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When Joseph Stalin took over Russia after Lenin by 1928, the country 's policy on how it was going to industrialize changed. Stalin said," We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or we shall go under."12 Stalin believed that if the USSR did not industrialize then it would be the death of them because they will be vulnerable both economically and militarily. Stalin said, "Everything can be achieved, everything can be overcome, if there is a passionate desire for it."13 By saying this Stalin is reassuring the people with doubt that this goal can be accomplished. In order for this seemingly impossible task to be accomplished passionate soviets would be…show more content…
The difference between Lenin and Stalin was that Stalin wanted this all done in ten years so he was more drastic than Lenin. Peasants were not at all pleased because they liked how they were prospering before, so to retaliate they burned their crops and slaughtered their livestock as to sabotage what the central government was trying to do and how they were trying to get it done.18 The slaughter of livestock and burning of crops led to the famine of 1931-1932 that caused the death of five to seven million people.19 The Ukraine was especially hit hard by famine it was not unusual for families to starve and stay alive for as long as they could then they would just die.20 The famine caused so many deaths that trains were needed to collect corpses from peasant villages who had died from starvation .21 In extreme cases, although not too uncommon, families would turn to cannibalism to stay alive. Some families even murdered their children and would eat them in order to continue on living.22 In order to get the actual work done Stalin made changes in society. One change was the conditions of labor, now forced labor was the norm and it was always intensely disciplined.23 There were life and death incentives to having a job. If someone was fired from their job then they were

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