When Key Employees Clash: Case Study Essay example

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The Issue
Though the issue looked like personal conflicts on the face, it actually stems from the friction between two departments fundamentally different in their working methods and thought processes. The fact that the two managers, Ellen and Ronnie, with different working styles leading these two departments has only compounded the problem. Ellen’s complaint was that Ronnie’s team is not sending their timesheets in time, which is leading to late payments from the insurer and shortage in cash flow. Even Ronnie acknowledges this but the solution appears to be different in each other’s minds. Ronnie is adamant that they just need more time, while Ellen is saying that genuine effort is required, not just time extensions. As much as
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One real advantage is that both are committed and very loyal towards the organization and its betterment. Both are good at what they do but they should work complimenting each other instead of being an obstacle to each other. The major onus is on Matt to clear this issue before it turns out to be a potential danger to the business bottom line. While personal change is one of the potential steps to take, I am not sure if it will achieve anything fruitful at the end. The focus has to shift from personality conflicts towards common understandings and clear directions. Moreover, Matt does not have an immediate replacement for either of the two and I personally think it is not necessary to change either of the two managers.
Matt needs to act tough and simultaneously demonstrate that he has command over any others, that he is part of Florida team and not an outsider. He has to retain both the employees and direct them in such a way that they use their full potential to contribute towards growth of the business. He should meet with both managers and make them realize that, though both are committed to the betterment of the company, their individual differences are makings matter worse and have potential to harm the company on contrary to their wishes. He needs to let Ronnie know that submitting timesheets in time is essential for the cash flow, which in turn will help the company to perform other functions smoothly. He also needs to let Ellen know that Customer (Children)
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