When Kings Come Marching By Richard Mouw

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Based on a series of written lectures, Richard Mouw published the book When Kings Come Marching In in 1983. A revised edition came out 19 years later, where some examples were adjusted, but the main premise stayed the same. The lectures were on Christians in culture, where Christians are called to be “actively waiting”, and what the Biblical chapters of Isaiah 60 and Revelations 21-22 say about this calling. Mouw showed his view through four different actions that have occurred in the visions of Heaven given to Isaiah and John as written in the books of Isaiah and Revelations. Those activities are argued to be emulated by Christians who are “actively waiting”, influencing how to look at the salvation and redemption from Jesus Christ, and spawning other activities that the “actively waiting” Christian should be partaking in. The first of the four activities that Mouw recommends that the Christian partake in is the complete renewal of everything, especially the human creations. While not everything is created for the same purpose, everything is created with an inherent design towards good or evil, or in other words, has a bias. This bias comes out in the applications and use of the product. For example, a dialysis machine is built with a bias towards saving people, and is used for that purpose, while a switch-blade is built to be damaging to other people, and can easily fulfill that purpose. Mouw argues that whatever the purpose, the invention will eventually be changed to

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