When Life Begins

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One of the first medical issues arises from the question of when an embryo is considered alive. We have laws in society that protect life. However, we don’t always consider an embryo to be a living thing. It is currently a hot topic of discussion whether or not to allow and use stem cells taken from embryos. The fact that cells must come from women also raises ethical questions concerning therapeutic cloning as this can lead to the exploitation of women. Many people also believe that such technology is unnatural and similar to taking nature in your own hand. Creating clones for the production of transplantable organs is another issue. People believe that we may use clones in an inhuman manner. They feel that we will clone humans in order to use them for their organs, and when we no longer need them, we will kill them off. Because the clones will be providing us with the source of transplantable organs, this may result in enslaving of clones and illegal marketing of organs as well as violating the rights of these cloned people. As cloning technology improves, more and more applications are being seen in everyday life. The implications of cloning in medical science can range from cloning genetically pure organs for human transplantation to using cloned animals to produce pharmaceutical agents. RK Cloning could have legal implications as well. A cloned child who has multiple donors might complicate parental right issues as well inheritance and marital eligibility issues, and
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