When Little Girls Are Asked Who Their Heroes Are, It Is

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When little girls are asked who their heroes are, it is very common for them to answer a male figure, usually their father. Psychologist Hoffman, emphasizes that a healthy relationship between a father, or male figure, and a daughter can lead to a strong confident and independent women. When a young girl has a father who will show his daughter unconditional love they show higher rates of positive body image, and self-esteem. It is commonly believed that having a strong mother-daughter bond can influence their development. New studies however, have show that the father has a stronger influence on their children. This bond does not only influence her self esteem, body image, relationships, interactions and behavioral traits, but most…show more content…
of Canada). Examples as this have been seen in the Medieval time of Europe; and in early Jewish law. This law stated that an adulterous wife and her partner were mandated to death. Honor Killing could also be considered when King Henry VII would behead his wives in order to have a male heir. Acts like these did not only happen in Europe but all around the world (Gov. of Canada). For instance, similar actions happened in Latin American. Ancient Incas had laws that “permitted husbands to starve their wives to death as punishment for committing an adulterous act”(Gov. of Canada). Aztecs also had laws that would punish a female for adultery by stoning or strangling her to death. It could even be seen in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet that both lovers died, because of a family feud, dealing with honor. It has been practiced in many regions around the world. Around the world there 's different customs however, “Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America,[and] Australia have all maintained a patriarchal structure that sanctions control over women 's bodies and sexuality in a bid to maintain power structure...It is a phenomenon embedded in the system of power relations and the identity of a community” (Raza). According to Honour Based Violence Awareness Network, 5,000 honor killings occur internationally each year; including 1,000 in India and Pakistan and twelve in the United Kingdom. Most commonly
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