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When looking into Battered Woman Syndrome it is a relatively new defense and standing point in the court of law compared to other methods. This defense has also gained a ton of scrutiny in its time as it is a very vague defense and can be used in a multitude of situations in which it does not exactly apply as it would to others. I personally feel that this defense can be very helpful to women who truly need it, and it provides a cover for women who truly don’t need to be protected and need to be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the crimes which they have committed. This is something we went over for a journal and it interested me a great deal, especially with the case of Susan Wright. In the first article by…show more content…
One had information from an Expert Witness and one did not. She also used this method again, but with smaller groups from a total of 131 students, which gave the same result. No matter if they had expert testimony or not, the groups all felt the charges should be changed from Murder to Manslaughter and all groups had agreed that the woman had acted out of self-defense. In my third article by Lenore Walker discusses Battered Women and the impact caused on them from martial abuse that had led to Battered Women to be diagnosed with PTSD from the level of beatings, and constant abuse they took from their partners over the time of the relationship. Walker discusses five major areas that negatively affected with the women’s coping skills they are manipulation, dissociation, anger, intimacy, and compliance. When she was assessing women of the PTSD like symptoms she had come to notice a few things about the women, that lead to diagnose them with PTSD as the symptoms, as well as what triggered the responses are the same across the board for all those diagnosed with PTSD. She noticed that many of the victims would minimize the trauma or even deny it happened from the very start which is a common coping method that she had pointed out in her article. She also noticed that some of the women would almost go into a sort of trance like state in which they would gaze

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