When One Door Closes Gender Roles

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“If you’re trapped in a dream of another you’re fucked.” These are the words spoken continuously throughout La Boite theatre’s latest performance When One Door Closes. This is a modern drama performance that tests the very boundaries of what theatre is as a whole, through the use of acrobatics, and three very powerful 20th century literary heroines, Nora ('A Doll’s House'), Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie . Directed by Yaron Lifschitz and Libby McDonnell, When One Door Closes, is outlined by the gender political beliefs, of its fictional visionaries that each challenged the roles of men and women within their plays in a strong male-dominated society.

When One Door Closes begins with two male performers coming forth to read out a blurb or summary of each female character before continuing into the visual story of that of the female character. From there they enter into the stories of the three separate women with each performance divided by the two
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Through the use of their bodies, the performers told the stories of not only, Nora, Miss Julie, and Hedda Gabler, but of every relationship, even though the storyline gets lost somewhere in the middle, during a performance using the trapeze bar, they soon get back on point finishing with and scaringly beautiful piece where the three leading ladies are left in a spotlight performing on a set of uneven poles as snow falls on top of them. The vision is haunting as the bruises on the legs of the performers are clear to be seen by everyone and the slowness of the act is breathtaking leaving the audience in silence. Every movement was finished graceful and strong both at the same time, before easily flowing into the next creating a form of wild, erratic and magical dancing. The ultimate message from this performance is that love is a battlefield, and no matter how hard we fight sometime we have to let
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