When One Utters The Phrase, "Beware The Ides Of March",

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When one utters the phrase, "Beware the Ides of March", individuals are often reminded of William Shakespeare 's play; most notably, an assassination story that occurred when Roman senators wanted to prevent Rome from falling into a tyranny under the rule of Julius Caesar. However, the narrative behind the charismatic ruler 's death is far more complex and cannot be simply attributed to the desire to return to the old regime. Scholars have linked Caesar 's downfall to issues such as the need for democracy in Rome, the tyranny of Caesar 's empire, and the inevitability of his fate pre-determined by the gods. I argue that the senators were motivated by their envy towards Caesar 's luxurious lifestyle and intimidating legacy, their…show more content…
Individuals viewed wealth as a sign of high status and success. The senators were envious of Caesar’s inherited greatness, which he claimed to have descended from kings and gods. Unlike Julius Caesar who was born into one of the oldest patrician families in Rome, citizens were forced to work to gain a position in office. Furthermore, the conspirators resented several titles of honour awarded to Caesar by the people. Father of the country, dictator for life, and Pontifex Maximus are all titles that intimidated the senators. Most significantly, the name “dictator for life” was unseen prior to Caesar’s rule and created specifically for him by the citizens of Rome. The conspirators were offended that Julius Caesar, a man who refused to wear the crown or be referred to as king, demonstrated no sign of reluctance or hesitation when awarded prestigious titles that would complement his legacy. Thus, the senators saw Caesar as obnoxious as he displayed his lavish lifestyle to the masses, accepted monuments meant for the gods, and received esteemed titles simply because he was born into wealth. Those who conspired to kill Caesar disapproved with the image of the all-mighty, caring ruler that many citizens of Rome had painted*

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