When Pigs Fly

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About 20 years ago, I picked up a friend for the airport. She told me that she had a present from her and another mutual friend. It was the CD (remember those???) of the musical When Pigs Fly. For the next hour I remained speechless as I listened to one hysterically funny track after another. It began a TRUE love affair with the musical. The concept of the revue, by Mark Waldrop and the late Howard Crabtree (1955-1996), is that "Howard" stages a musical. As he struggles to do so, dealing with the large egos of performers or scenery gone wrong, he hears the words of his high school guidance counselor, Miss Roundhole, sarcastically respond to his ambitions and dreams by saying, “Sure I can see it…When pigs fly!” Quasimodo is show put on by a small town mid-western summer-stock company called "The Melody Barn.” The Artistic Director, Carole Ann Knipple (with the ‘K’ pronounced) is tired of never getting the performance rights to the big Broadway hits, so she “…puts pen to paper and writes her own damn musical!” In this number Quasimodo is atop his bell tower and sings out to profess his love to Esmerelda. Anytime and When the Earth Stopped Turning from Elegies In our lives as musicians we…show more content…
These lifelong friends are reunited after Alvin's mysterious death. In the abstract world of his mind, Thomas struggles to write Alvin's eulogy while recounting the many turns their lives have taken since meeting as children. The Butterfly tells a story of how ever small or insignificant we feel, we are all a part of each others journey. I sing this in honor of my fellow NDNU students. I am grateful for all that I have learned and how I am inspired by their friendships. Even though, we are all in different stages of our lives, we are all growing, blooming, and taking wing together. It has been my greatest honor to fly and soar with all of
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