When Plague Strikes The Black Death, Smallpox, Aids By James Cross Giblin

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Amy Blakney Biology Mr. Sanders May 8th, 2016 Introduction In this paper I will be talking about the book “ When Plague Strikes the Black Death, Smallpox, AIDS by James Cross Giblin.” I will also talk about how I think it connects to what we have learned this school year. Key Idea 1 In early 1347, the Bubonic Plague broke out near the Black Sea. People thought that the Italians were to blame for it. When the Natives decided that the Italians were to blame, they gathered an army and started preparing to attack their trading post. The Italians fled to a fortress they built off the Black Sea and the Natives were forced to withdraw, but before they did they loaded catapults with of their dead soldiers and shot them over into the fortress. The carriers of the Bubonic Plague were black rats and the fleas that lived in their hair. `Later on a reporter named Boccacio wrote: “ Some say that the plague descended upon the human race through the influence of the heavenly bodies, others say that it was a punishment signifying God 's righteous anger at our wicked way of life.” Later on after Boccacio seemed that all the advice of physicians and all the power of medicine were profitless and futile. Perhaps the nature of the illness was such that it allowed no remedy; or perhaps those people who were treating the illness, being ignorant of its causes, were not prescribing the appropriate cure.” Since the virus was spread from just breathing on someone, I would agree that they

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