When Quail Eggs Become a Miracle Money Making Product in Africa

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there is something interesting – and indeed surprising - about Africa, it is a continent where smart fastidious individuals can capitalize on the gullibility of others and make millions within the twinkling of an eye. It is a place where even monkey’s red ass, back up with a little lie and persuasion, can be marketed as omnipotent product and sold for millions of dollars for simple minded individuals.
Little wonder therefore that recently, some avaricious Africans have marketed quail eggs and meat as wonder drugs against all kinds of sicknesses such as diabetes, Anemia, Aids, tuberculosis, chronic pneumonia, stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, impotence to name just a few claims. Even though there are no scientific findings to back up
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But despite the result of the findings that quail eggs are rather nutritional rather than medicinal, the myopic rush for the “miracle” egg has instead increased in Africa. If you are in doubt, click here and see for yourself:
For those who take the quail egg discourse nonchalantly as yet another mere misconception, which has little or nothing to do with you, listen to the lamentations and warnings from various medical experts. From medical doctors, pharmacists down to dietitians, the handwriting on the wall is the same.
“We are facing a very dangerous precedent in Africa due to these shoddiest products. Many people on ARV treatment shunned medication for the miracle quail eggs. This is absolutely the most dubious rip – offs by nefarious elements who are heartlessly parasites to peoples’ ignorance. Tell them there is no proof quail eggs will make you healthier.” Dr. Amos Nkane of Hillcrest Medical Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, pleaded with his lone female patient, who was standing next to the swarm of multitude “patients” queuing in front of a quail egg seller next to the doctor’s clinic.
But do quail egg sellers see it that way? Definitely not now that the price of a quail egg has skyrocketed handsomely following the myopic miraculous attributes attached to the quail products in Africa. Worse still, with the latest quail farming venture accreditation by the Kenya
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