When Reading Short Stories People Are Always Able To Find

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When reading short stories people are always able to find some character they can relate to in one way or another. “Everyday Use”’ is no exception. The relationship between Maggie, Dee, and their mother is expressed throughout the story. In the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, Dee is a materialistic girl who believes she is exceptionally better than everyone around her. Maggie and her mother live out in the country in a three room house with a tin roof. Dee is Maggie’s sister that has made something of herself and believes that her mother and sister are missing out on a whole new world. Maggie and her mother sit under the Oak tree waiting for Dee to show up. Dee shows up to the house going by a new name because she does not…show more content…
When momma calls her daughter Dee, Dee automatically corrects her and tells her, her new name is Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. The change of her name is change in identity. Dee changes her name because she feels held down because her name is a family name. Susan Farrell states in “Fight vs. Flight: A Re-Evaluation of Dee in Alice Walker’s ‘Everyday Use’’, that this is her way of rejecting her heritage and identity. Dee is rejecting her family because they are holding her back from doing bigger and better things. Wangero allows her to put aside her to forget about her heritage. When people acknowledge her she will not be called Dee and it will not be a constant reminder of her family she left behind. During dinner Dee notices the bench and realizes that she was going to ask her mother for something. While naming off items Dee, she is persistent in making sure all of the items she wish to have were made by hand. She continued to ask for certain items that she knew where made by hand not machine. After dinner she looked through a trunk in mama 's room. She noticed the quilts and took them to ask if she can take the quilts to hang on the wall. Dee knew that her grandmother had made these quilts specifically by hand. When asking for the quilt Dee only wanted those two quilts, not the other ones made partially by hand. Mama had promised those

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