When School Program Improve Performance Of Students

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Building a Coalition “After-school program to improve performance of students” Introduction: Woodson Foundation, a large non-profit social service agency, is teaming up with the public school system in Washington, D.C., to improve student outcome by starting an after-school program. To achieve the set target, Woodson Foundation and the school system have to work in collaboration by integrating their organizations effectively. Problems faced by the school: • • Truancy, low student performance and crime Burn out of staff and high turnover among new teachers Solution suggested by Woodson Foundation: • • Conducting an after-school program Integrate organizations effectively How Groups and teams typically operate: A team is a group of people…show more content…
Members of these teams must have effective long term working relationships with one another. • • Teams in an organization can be distinguished based upon their function, authority and purpose as: • Formal teams: These are created and officially designated to serve specific organizational purposes. • • • • Informal teams: These are unofficial and emerge to serve special interest. These informal groups form through personal relationships and create their own interlocking networks within the organization. Self managing teams: These are empowered to make decisions to manage themselves in day to day work. Virtual teams: These are teams whose members convene and work together through computer mediation rather than face to face. Cross-Functional and problem solving teams: A Cross-Functional team has members from different functional departments or work units to achieve better lateral relations through more horizontal integration. A problem solving team is created temporarily to serve a specific purpose by dealing with specific problem or opportunity. Effective teams: The teams are important in an organization; they accomplish important tasks and help members achieve satisfaction in their work. But there are teams that do not perform well and not all members are always satisfied. Thus teams in all forms and types should be held accountable for their performance and have understanding of
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