When Should Parents Let Teens Make Their Own Decisions?

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Conclusion Introduction Do you believe that teenagers are responsible enough to make their own decisions? This argument topic is very common within the age group of 15-18 year olds. There has been research stating that giving a little freedom to a teen to make a decision is a great way of learning responsibility. It’s a great controversy but I believe that parents should still guide their teen till they’re 18, but let them have some freedom. We have parents for a reason. It's their jobs to show and guide us. Without our parents , teens will enter the adult world with no experience and knowledge of the outside world. Regardless of the fact if they are 15, 16, or 17, they are still considered to be minors. The parent consent is very …show more content…
A parent telling their teenager about these mistakes is not as effective. Therefore, parents should allow their teenagers room to make mistakes. It is only by learning from past mistakes that we do not continue to repeat them, so as long as the parent can see that their teenager is taking heed of their mistakes then there is no need for them to step in and interfere.
Allowing teenagers to make their own decisions in some instances may be a good thing but when it comes to making mistakes, what is the point? Why let a CHILD (because they're not adults) experience heartache, regret, etc...when it can all be avoided by the parent stepping in and doing their job as a parent and making those types of decisions. I think that as the child grows older and appraoches the age to where they are legally condsidered an adult by law, as their maturity increases so should their ability to handle more respsonibility and make their own decisions. i think teenage is the stage when we grow up from kid to a teen .and in this stage we think that we r big enough to take our decisions but this is also this stage in which the teens develop bad living of their life like going to discos ,not obeying parents ,not attending classes ,becoming rude with everyone .so ofcourse a parent would not like to see his child having bad habits or living ,and the parent would not say anything.
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