When Sliding Goes Wrong

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Making Choices
When making choices there are two ways of doing it. Choosing by default or choosing by knowledge. Either you as the person take every possible option to making a decision to how it affects you or how it affects you later. While choosing by default, or as in the get Shia Labeouf said people who “just do it” and not think about it. Or another name for ways of decision is deciding verses sliding.
I am a responsible person. Well I like to think I am. I didn’t think there was any type of advance thought process during decision making till a little after my high school experience. I thought it was either what I thought was right or wrong, what would hurt or what would not. When I was asked to do this assignment, it
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Remember that story I told when I skipped school for the first time? Yeah after that I started to skip school a little more without thought. I decided because it was fun, easier and my friends thought it was “cool” for the “nerd” to skip school so I kept doing it so my friends would like me. Then it all went wrong. It was now winter time and my junior year of high school. My friends and I skipped school to go to the local park of my home town to see the trees covered in snow and the frozen lake. So we went without a thought and I wasn’t nervous anymore, I just did it, “what could go wrong?” So we get to the park and it is beautiful. The snow is pure white and the lake shined like a fresh cut diamond. So one of my friends said lets walk on the lake. I thought I’m not alone, the lake is frozen solid, I am safe with my friends, what can go wrong? So we walked across it, slipping and sliding, laughing and having a good time until I fell on a weak part of the ice and fell in. It happened so fast I didn’t know how to react. I panicked, yelled and the ice around the hole was so weak my friends couldn’t get me out. I was so scared I started to cry. After what felt like thirty minutes, I finally got out. I was blue and I felt like I was dying. So long story short, I did not skip school after that if I did I didn’t do it without thinking about…show more content…
With the experience from the ice accident I became aware of knowledge deciding. From high school on I would try my best to think of my option before doing anything. One of the biggest that I had to do was my internship. Either stay home and go the easy route or try something life changing. For three years I went through all my option before doing it. I went through negatives and positives, how it will affect the people in my life, and how it will affect my future. It was scary but through thinking, having information and consulting my family it came I came to a decision. I am nervous but excited to take the opportunity and only time will tell how it will go. Having the options and information to help me, it think it will be a good
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