When Students Are Taught Social Studies And History From

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When students are taught social studies and history from elementary to high school they come across the topics of presidents and their legacies. This information has left an imprint in many, most can, for example, remember that Franklin Delano Roosevelt most notable for entering the United States in World War two. This is such an interesting idea to ponder, considering just a few months ago, former president Barack Obama completed his eight years as president. In a few decades when students learn about their presidents, they will sit back and read and learn about the legacy of Obama. These students will be left their own chance to analyze Obama’s legacy and their perceptions of him will greatly be affected by what they were thinking and…show more content…
Throughout most of the US’s history have had different areas of focus on the international stage for example the 70’s was mainly focused on the communist governments of Southeast Asia. Rather, in more modern time this has changed with a growing world focus has been spread around all the continents making it extremely hard to focus on only one significant place. According to a State Department worker during Obama’s time as president, he described the State of the United States by saying, "I contend that by almost every measure, we are better off today than we were eight years ago," (Horsley) Furthermore, to really get a good scope of his achievements it is best to get an idea of his initial successes. This can be summarized by, “Obama has won praise for withdrawing U.S. troops from combat roles in Afghanistan and Iraq, even as critics said the drawdowns sacrificed hard-won gains by U.S. service members.” (Jost) When taking Office Obama inherited two major Conflicts from George Bush, the War in Afghanistan, and the Iraq War. His proposal before his election was to begin the removal of troops as soon as possible and within his target time we could successfully reduce troop buildup. Furthermore, he was diligent with the hunt for Osama Bin laden, finally killing the Al-Qaeda Leader sends massive blow to the group which had been a thorn in the US’s side for a while. The later
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