When The Doctor Entered The Room I Asked

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When the doctor entered the room I asked, “What happened to the driver? Did they live?” “I’m sorry but we can’t disclose that information with you. However Mrs. Church, we were able to determine that you have suffered a severe spinal cord injury,” the doctor clasped his hands in front of him. “A spinal cord injury wha- what do you mean? “ John sat up moving towards the edge of his chair. “Well, Mr. Church what that means is that the impact from the accident caused severe spinal damage. The nerves in the spine are very important because they contain the elements that allows the rest of the body to wor-“ “I don’t need you to prove to me that you went to medical school just tell me if she will be alright! “ John stood up from his chair…show more content…
His expresso skin was starting to become tinted with dark circles and bags around his eyes. At his temple I noticed two of his once dark brown locs had turned grey. Caring of me had taken a toll on him. “No, No, No don’t cry what’s wrong?” He walked around the bed and grabbed some tissues from my dresser then dabbed at my eyes. “I can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to do this to you anymore,” I sniffled. John sat down beside me on the bed, “What are you saying?” I started blinking rapidly trying to stop the tears from leaving my eyes, “John I know, this hasn’t been easy for you, and it sure as hell hasn’t been easy for me, look at us we can’t even sleep in the same bed. I can’t even use the bathroom on my own…look at what I reduced you to, I’m a waste of space.” John stood up shaking his head. His eyes had become glassy, a single tear rolled down his face, “Stop, I can already see where this is going and we are not going there! You know that I have no problem taking care of you.” “I know you don’t but I do! I want you to turn off the respirato-“ John placed his hands on the sides of his face and he began hysterically crying, “How can you ask me to do that, how could you think that I would even agree to that?!” “We are only putting off the inevitable, so please do as I ask. I can’t do anything for myself anymore please, do this for me.” John wiped his eyes and walked back over to my bed he placed his hands on my shoulders, leaned down and
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