When Thinking About Financial Institutions And How I Had Learned

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When thinking about financial institutions and how I can implement what I had learned, the first topic that came to mind was stocks, bond, wall street. The thought that there is a lot of money that can be made there peaked my interest ergo, this book written by Peter Lynch was intriguing. Because the amount of knowledge I know about Wall Street is insignificant, the understandings and experience of Mr. Lynch have been useful in my endeavors to acknowledge the rules that make up the trading rooms and actions people make in order to stay ahead of the market. Though this book covers just one opinion of many in the end, his expertise will only benefit partially
Since this book had enough information from Peter Lynch’s 20 years of experience
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This would create a seemingly unfavorable environment for anyone who wants to keep their depreciating notes. In the book, Beating the Streets, Mr. Lynch addresses techniques he had equipped to better his portfolio to which I had perceived was an interesting way to commence his book because it showed his main rules of investing. He is a strong proponent on stocks since they give a larger payback on an investment compared to other investment notes. That being said, he did manage to make a profit, especially during rough times, on stocks by riding out the harsh “winters” in the stock market, like the Great Correction.
While reading this book, my thoughts were to acknowledge this man’s merits while taking his opinion with a grain of salt. He was able to make a good profit from his investments when the economy was struggling by buying low stocks and was not afraid to keep holding onto them if they are promising and the company is doing decently well like an exquisite wine. He also surprised my when he discussed his disgust on bonds, though he did use it for a company, which he constantly proclaimed. At heart, it seemed that this man was truly dedicated to his religious-like loyalty to stock trading above all else.
One of the biggest concepts that Lynch talked about was
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