When Thinking Of A Financial Advisor Essay

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When thinking of a Financial Advisor, does a rich, white, middle aged to older gentlemen come to mind? That is the stereotypical Financial Advisor. But who’s to say a woman can’t be one as well. A Financial Advisor is a person that suggests ways to budget your money as well as advise clients on investments, insurance options, and mortgages. They also help with saving such as college saving, estate plans, and retirement plans (BLS). People who seek assistance in handling their finances would seek out a Financial Advisor. According to U.S. News, they are ranked fourth in the “Best Business Jobs in America” (US News). It is a rapidly growing industry and is said to grow nearly 30% between 2014 and 2024 (BLS). Through the economical, geographical, and lifestyle analysis of a Financial Advisor, it is safe to say that this growing career will bring many jobs and opportunities to people over the next decade and then on. No two days are alike in the world of a Financial Advisor, but a common day may start off with a morning meeting with other employees to discuss the stock market and suggest ideas for how to better their company as well as better ways to approach their clientele for certain scenarios. After that they may have meetings with clients to discuss their financial plan or to coordinate whether they are on track and progressing toward their financial goals. Another part of their day consists of creating a financial plan for prospective clients and auditing current clients’
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