When Thinking Of Life Skills Needed For After High School

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When thinking of life skills needed to prepare for after High School, what is most important? Is it academic knowledge for higher education and careers? Financial literacy? What about how to feed oneself and nutrition? ProStart is a culinary program for high school students under the Family Consumer Science (FCS) Department that teaches not only how to feed oneself, but also leadership skills and nutrition to make better eating choices- promoting a healthier lifestyle for the individual’s future. Because of budget cuts in the education department, and the focus on science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) courses, however, high schools- especially in Louisiana- are doing away with programs such as the FCS department and ProStart, creating a generation of students who are missing out on skills necessary for every day life. Ever since the Cold War in the 1940’s, the United States has increased its power as a global leader- increasing its need for professions requiring STEM knowledge to keep up with other nations in these fields (Bruce-Davis, Gubbins, Gilson, Villanueva). President Obama is continuing this trend and wants students to "move from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math" (Dept. of Ed). With that initiative, the president’s 2015 educational budget proposal provides 170 million dollars for innovation STEM courses and teacher programs and awards to increase STEM knowledge in schools. A study on six STEM-focused schools across the nation
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