When Traveling Around The United States And Experiencing

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When traveling around the United States and experiencing new places, such as visiting friends and family or taking a vacation from everyday life, there is new and different scenery everywhere we go. In fact, there are 19,354 cities and towns in the United States (Quora). They consist of distinct houses, streets, business and of course people all around. When navigating to these various places one will most likely travel downtown. A downtown is a central area or main business and commercial area part of a city or town that attracts the public. Downtowns consist of entertainment such restaurants, shops and bars and also business locations such as insurance and realtor offices. The way this part of town is formed weather it is big or small,…show more content…
There are nearly 1,000 small business existing in Dewitt (Town Square Publications). From observations, small town Dewitt doesn’t offer much of liquor stores nor tattoo parlors. The pedestrians of Dewitt show their interest in flowers, cards, fashionable clothes and fine dining. Comparing the down towns of Dewitt and Clinton Iowa, there is much contrast between the two. Searching for a bite to eat in Clinton, many come across commercial business such as Culvers, Buffalo Wild Wings and Village in. A leap from the small family owned business in Dewitt. A great amount of liquor stores and pawns shops exist in Clinton compared to Dewitt. Larger and more distinct places exist because of the larger population and the diversity of people that demand them. Clinton has 2,000 businesses, which is much greater then Dewitt. Overall, different types of business consist in both Dewitt and Clinton because of the diverse people that live in each community. Secondly, many receive a first impression of the downtown of a community by the overall scenery that exists throughout. Observing Dewitt’s downtown, a positive and welcoming vibe is shown throughout. Things such as appealing brick sidewalks with a broad width for everyone to walk on, flowing through the town and marvelous music to enjoy while visiting the family owned shops. Dewitt’s downtown is shaped to be pleasant for all. As stated in an article “A thriving downtown is important for Dewitt’s economy. The downtown area
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