When Was Armadillo Willy Taught Me Wrong

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Here’s what I was told during my senior orientation at high school: ask for help when you need it, speak up when you feel uncomfortable, place your own well being above all other concerns. In short, the school was ready to protect me from any personal slights or hurt feelings I might suffer. What counted as a personal slight or similar offense was up to me to define. This surprised me. It surprised me because at Armadillo Willy’s Barbecue, where I work now before I started senior year, acting in this way would have probably cost me my job, a job I need in order to pay for college. The most important thing at Armadillo Willy’s was not how I felt but how my customers felt. It was my job and the job of everyone working there to make others – namely, the customers –…show more content…
I worked as a cook. That meant that if there was a problem with the food, I had to deal with it. The issues weren’t complicated. It was usually something like a dry piece of tri-tip, or onions on a salad when they hadn’t wanted any. Whatever it was, I had to listen patiently and mentally take notes so that I would not repeat any mistake again. Oddly enough, customers were not interested in carefully crafting their complaints in such a way as to spare my feelings. They were in a rush to get back to work, or they were dealing with their screaming kids, or they had calculated the cost of their meal down to the cent out of necessity and could not afford a mistake. And they had a right to have their meal served the way they ordered it. If a mistake was made, we fixed it as quickly as possible and didn’t talk back. Even if I believed the customer had misunderstood some aspect of their order and was actually the one at fault, I was instructed to give the person the benefit of the doubt. Their feelings mattered more
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