When Was Herodium Created

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According to the Roman Jewish historian Josephus, Herod built Herodium in the exact spot where he won a battle over his Hasmonean and Parthian enemies in 40 BCE. In that way he commemorated the event. However, it is believed it that the main purpose of Herodium was to create a place for him where he could live out his last years. Nowadays the mountain and Herodium´s ruins is wonderful archaeological site admired by many. In the distance Herodium´s hill now seem to be an extinct volcano, which creates a marvelous landscape. Herodium is the only architectural structure created by Herod to which herod´s gave his own name. Visiting Herodium takes aproximately 1 or 2 hours. There are guided tours in Hebrew on Fridays and Saturdays and English
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