When We Are Referencing Organization

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When we are referencing organization there are two concepts that standout which influence the direction and health of the people of the company and these are Trust and Leadership. It seems trust is something that is lacking when it comes to dealing with many corporate leadership these days. According to Robbins & Judge in Chapter 13 the definition of Trust is “Trust is a positive expectation that another will not-through words, actions, or decisions-act opportunislically” (Robbins & Judge 2009, p 423). The key word would be “opportunislically”, there are many different types of leaders those that are genuinely looking out for the business so it becomes successful and in turn create an environment of trust among the employees and in the industry. Then there are those who ultimately have a self-interest at the cost of people livelihood. Trust In my company the later seems to be very provilant as it is evident with the job dis-satisfaction. We have a CEO that seems to be only interested in how much money can be squeezed out of the company, thus the eleventh worst companies to work for. It seemed his goal was to make the company look profitable at the expense of it’s employees so it looks like a good investment to the buyer. This is done by not giving raises while the CEO take the profits or demanding everyone take time off at a specific time. If you don’t have any vacation time left then you will take it without pay. Then break up the company and sell it which really

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