When We Look At The People Within Our World, You Can See

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When we look at the people within our world, you can see all of the differences we have between us. While some differences are physical, others are hidden within the people we meet. We are all different from one another, but why can’t these differences be seen as a strength within us, rather than the deficits that we label them as? In this paper, I will be touching on the wide variety of differences that students bring into a classroom and how we view those differences as deficits rather than strengths. Those differences could vary from language, culture, home environment, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, gender, etc. In Other People’s Children Cultural Conflict in the Classroom, Lisa Delpit discusses her experiences with…show more content…
You immediately notice if they have any physical disabilities. You notice almost anything that seems different from yourself. You then begin to stereotype these people based on the beliefs society associates with individual differences. We begin to have negative or positive thoughts about these differences we see in people. We see the differences as a strength or a deficit. These immediate thoughts affect your overall view and opinion of that person. We are presenting an unconscious biased towards these individuals. One of the most common differences among people is language. In chapter seven of Classroom Discourse, Cazden talks about how teachers often times misinterpret the pronunciation of words a student says because they got lost in-between the accent of their primary language and the standard pronunciation of the English language, this often can cause a teacher to over correct students and forces a student into not wanting to learn.(Cazden P.142) Many people overlook the difficulties one goes through when trying to learn a second language, let alone trying to learn a new language while also trying to understand the information being taught to them in the unfamiliar language. When we tend to over correct a student they will see their differences as a deficit to their learning and it will be harder to turn it into a strength. Students who are learning a new language often

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