When We Were First Introduced This Assignment, I Was Both

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When we were first introduced this assignment, I was both excited and nervous. I was excited because it gave me the opportunity to step of my comfort zone; in addition, I was excited to be able to get out into the community and practice some of the social work skills that we have learned in class. However, I was nervous because I knew it would be hard to hear the struggles of a single-parent experiencing homelessness. As someone who was raised by a single-parent and almost experienced homelessness, I know how easy it can be to fall into homelessness. Overall, I was excited about doing this assignment because I truly did want to hear the stories that single-parents experiencing homelessness wanted to tell. Experiences Related to…show more content…
The reality is that no one chooses to be homeless; therefore, it is important that we try to humanize people that are facing homelessness because far too often they feel invisible. My thoughts have stayed the same about homelessness; however, I certainly have started to acknowledge that homelessness is a very real thing in our society. I also try my hardest to recognize that these individuals are people; therefore, I now make it a point to at least make eye-contact with them on the street. Social Justice As I stated before, far too often our society ignores that homelessness is a struggle several people. Additionally, our society often thinks people choose to be homeless. Terra talked about an incident at a gas station, and how one of the employees at the gas station said all the people across the street (Salvation Army) are drunks and addicts. She talked about how upset she gets when people have these misconceptions about people that are struggling with homelessness. Hearing her talk about this broke my heart because our society should not shame people for being homeless; instead, we should be looking at solutions to end homelessness. It is a human right to have basic human needs, yet our society continually provokes their unjust agenda. Our society also tends to ignore domestic violence, which is something that my mother and Terra both faced. Terra could not get any help with service providers because her children and her were not in immediate danger; although,

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