When Working In A Dental Laboratory There Are Many Safe

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When working in a dental laboratory there are many safe operating procedures that should take place.Dental pumice is used as an abrasive for finished and polishing of dental appliances. Pumice contains crystalline silica , its very harmful substance when breathed and can cause severe breathing problems such as silicosis and a group of lung diseases. When working with pumice we must ensure to always wear gloves as it can be drying on the skin , always wear some type of face mask and this must be insured that the filter is clean and different to the ones used with other materials, as well as wearing a apron and googles to ensure it doesn’t get in your eye as it can cause irritation.
Acrylic /PMMA is a substance which is also very harmful
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Batch number must always be present with each material as it can be traced back to the batch of material in case of any problems with material its there for traceability its also useful when auditing.Data sheet must be available to all the employees it should also contain technical data sheet, how to deal with all the risks ,hazards ,any precautions which should be taken in place also fire fighting measures must be included and first aid measure in case any emergencies take place. MHRA this is one of the many regulatory bodies which a dental laboratory should be with and follow they ensure that medical devices work and are acceptable, any appliances made for going into the body have to be registered with the MHRA.COSHH is another health and safety regulation (control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations dental professional need to register with these regulatory bodiesand abide by them as it’s the law , you can reduce risks by planning emergencies ahead, providing control measures to reduce harm , risk assesments , identifying health hazardsand providing and monitoring health surveillance for employees aswell as others.
PPE is an essential to maintain and update within the laboratory. Gloves are worn to avoid any chemical hazards or irritation within the skin also for hygiene and safety. When handling acrylic contact dermatitis could be contracted which
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