When Would Different Research Methods be Appropriate in Criminal Justice and Security Management Research?

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Qualitative research is a catch-all term that describes field research within social settings (Saint-Germain, 2002). It does not have a control group or require the researchers to impose variables and is not going to be sufficient to establish causation. However, qualitative research is excellent at providing descriptions of behavior. While qualitative research is descriptive, quantitative research is predictive. It makes predictions known as hypotheses, tests those hypotheses, and attempts to establish cause and effect (Xavier, 2012). Mixed-methods research, as its name implies, employs a mixture of qualitative and quantitative elements in its research design. Generally, a mixed methods approach is appropriate when a combination of quantitative and qualitative data, together, provide a better understanding of research (Fischler, 2012). The combined fields of criminal justice and security management provide a number of different opportunities for social science research. Some of these areas of research clearly warrant a qualitative approach. Examples where this might be applicable would be in the study of small groups of individuals where it is impossible to control variables and test hypotheses, such as…
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