When Wwii Was Coming To An End The Allies, United States,

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When WWII was coming to an end the Allies, United States, United Kingdom, French Republic and the Soviets, where coming together to figure out Germanys post war boarders and who would occupy each of the zones. It was also made clear that there would be equality of treatment for the German population throughout Germany no matter who is occupying the zone. 1 President Roosevelt never made it to Potsdam for the meeting he died in April 1945. President Truman took his place as president. In his few short weeks as Vice President Mr. Truman was not in on the loop about the development of the atomic bomb or any of the various difficulties that was evolving with the Soviet Russia. President Truman told the press, "I felt like the moon, the…show more content…
Churchill and many others knew that they need to contain or stop the spread of the Soviets control and communism in Europe. To help counter soviet expansion, President Truman came up with a policy in 1947 known as the "Truman Doctrine". In this plan Truman says we should support and aid countries that are trying to be a free people. This particular address was to aid Greece and help them survive as a free nation.4 In Truman 's address to Congress he wanted to aid Greece and Turkey by providing them with free gifts of funds, and military/civilian resources to help build their economy and reconstruction of their cities.5 This would ultimately push out any Soviet control. This doctrine consequently became the groundwork for American foreign policies. Later in that year the European countries were hit with a harsh winter that cause an abundance of issues from famine to the stop of coal production, and the factories closing. This caused great concern for US official 's as they feared a people who were hungry and in need would be easily persuaded to follow an uprising of a communist regime as seen in the previous war with Hitler. The Secretary of State at the time General George Marshall came up with a plan that we should aid countries in dire need. He wanted to the assist hurting countries to the return of economic health, which he says without it there could be no political stability and no peace. In Marshalls Speech he stated "Our
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