When You Break

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Rick, Michonne and Carl languidly walk down the railroad tracks, heavy steps reverbing off the metal. Michonne shudders and pulls on her light, black jacket. They need to find a place soon. It’s only getting colder as the sun disappears to the west and they really, really don’t want to spend another night sleeping beside walkers, bugs, snakes and whatever else was living in those woods. Suddenly, Carl stops walking and points to a structure ahead. It’s too far to tell exactly what it is - if it’s even viable. Rick and Michonne look at eachother for a moment and nod to him to continue to it. It turns out to be a log house, and save for the usual wear and tear, it looks sturdy. The three look at each other and nod, with small, almost hopeful smiles etched on their mouths. “Good job, son,” Rick patted him on the shoulder walked onto the covered porch, gun drawn. Michonne and Carl followed suit with Michonne running to the door and Carl to the left window. Rick took to the right window and peered in; he couldn’t see anyone or anything, just an old woodburning stove and a counter-top. “Carl, what do you see?” Rick whispered. “A kitchen,” he squinted and cocked his head to the side. “A clean kitchen.” Michonne furrowed her brows, “Do you think someone is living here?” Rick shook his head lightly. “The place is barren, probably a vacation house or somethin’,” he walked over and gave the door a few good knocks and waited for any walkers to come answer. After a minute of
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