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How To Straighten Your Hair When You Have Curly Hair Having naturally curly hair is both a blessing and curse. The amount of volume and bounce your hair have is great; however, your hair is colossal, expanding outward. For example, my own hair becomes so luscious and colossal, that students hid 14 pencils inside of my hair in the fifth grade. Straightening your hair gives a whole fun, new look to show off. Its a timely process, but it is well worth the time spent. Product you will need are frizz control shampoo and conditioner, Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment or any hair oil of your choice, a blow dryer with both a toothed cover and a straight cover, any straightener, a comb, and an old t-shirt. When washing your curly hair, use a dime sized…show more content…
Like the conditioner, start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Take a big-toothed comb and comb through the hair to help distribute the oil. Be sure to comb through gently, preventing the comb from tearing your curls or ends causing breakage. Distributing the oil on before you comb helps with breakage and helps the comb maneuver throughout the curls. The oil works wonders; even when the hair is wet, you can feel how soft it makes your hair. The oil helps prevent damage to the hair by helping the curls straighten with less heat, all while adding softness and…show more content…
Also, avoid bleaching your hair. I know, we all want to know if blonde’s really do have more fun, but in the long run, your hair will hate you for it. I’ve experienced it. The bleach dries out your hair causing breakage and more frizz. The bleach also causes your hair to be so damaged that it won’t straighten as easy, thus causing you to turn up the degree of the straighter which will cause more damage. Say no to bleach! Among avoiding bleach, have your hair trimmed on a regular basis; roughly every six weeks or so. Everyone thinks if you don’t trim your hair, then your hair will get longer. well that is certainly not the case. If one doesn’t trim their hair on a regular basis, then the split ends will work their way up the hair strand, again causing more frizz. So ladies or gentlemen, spoil your curls! Give them the love they deserve and avoid damaging them. Now your hair is silky smooth and probably grew a few inches! Amazing what a little heat can do to your curls, right? Following the steps above will give you beautiful movie star hair; however, avoid any humidity. Just a little water can cause those curls to return in an instant! However, everyone is going to love your new look. You get the best of both worlds with having curly hair. You can wear it curly or straight. Whichever hairstyle you choose, always dress to

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