When You Reach Me, By Rebecca Stead

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In the suspenseful book, When You Reach Me, by the great author Rebecca Stead Miranda develops three different relationships that are carried throughout the story. Miranda in the book is the protagonist and the main character. Some people that she develops relationships with are her best friend Sal, Mom, Marcus/ The Laughing Man, Julia, Annemarie, Richard, Jimmy, Belle, Louisa, Mr. Tompkins, Colin, and Anthony. To begin with, Sal, Colin, and Annemarie are one of Miranda’s closest friends. Louisa is Sal’s mom who is good friends with Miranda’s mom, and Richards is Miranda’s mom’s boyfriend. Secondly, Marcus who is also the Laughing Man is one of Miranda’s good friends. Anthony is Marcus’s older brother. Julia and Miranda become friends at the end of the book. To continue with, Belle listens to Miranda talk about her favorite book, “A Wrinkle in Time”, while Mr. Tompkins is Miranda’s teacher who helps Miranda discover other books besides “A Wrinkle in Time.” Lastly, Jimmy is the person Colin, Miranda, and Sal work for during their lunch, making sandwiches. Three important relationships Miranda had were with Julia, Sal, and Marcus. To conclude, Miranda developed three important relationships throughout the story. The most important relationship that Miranda shared was with the character Sal. Sal is Miranda’s childhood best friend who Miranda thinks of as her other half. Miranda throughout the story repeats a phrase that lets the reader know how close the two were. The phrase
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