When You Sent Me The Most Recent Performance Feedback,

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When you sent me the most recent performance feedback, in the email you stated you knew it had been a tough few weeks, and that we already discussed most of the items you put on the feedback and that you had set a meeting for us to discuss the feedback on Monday (5/22) and a plan of action going forward. Then on Monday you stated you wanted to have this formal meeting we are having today. Everything caught me by surprise, the “unacceptable” rating of my monthly performance feedback and the fact you thought we had to have this meeting today rather than the one you had planned on Monday. Knowing that you know these have been a tough few weeks and you are aware of my workload since we meet on a weekly basis and you have given me my priorities…show more content…
Those meetings give me the opportunity to share my workload with you and to request guidance on how to move forward when I feel stuck. And you have provided guidance that has helped me focus on the tasks that are more important. During those meetings, I’ve told you when I feel I haven’t met my personal client standards in closing a case and have told you where I am at the moment on each case and given you the reasons I hadn’t been able to move forward when stuck. On the other hand, during this past rating period, the tasks assigned to me seemed to be impossible to manage as my focus was moved from wrapping up the Cold Bay case to whatever Dan Byrd wanted at the time to the ASCHR investigation. And I admit that I did not completely ignore the rest of my duties, like responding to emails, phone calls, questions from the support staff, evaluation processing, etc. to focus 100% on the highest priorities. But I also found myself trying to focus on the Cold Bay case, for example, and you asking me to shift my focus to respond to Dan Byrd immediately, you had also scheduled pre-d meetings I had to have with Dan Byrd, without talking to me prior the arrangement. And as I understood that was another way for you to tell me it was top priority to you, I didn’t decline doing the meeting, even when I knew it was going to affect the other high priority items I had going on. I’ve been trying to work on your high priorities
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